Small Business Social Media Marketing

Start Up/Configurations

Haven't had the time or the patience to get your Social Media Channels up and Running? We'll help Set Up Accounts on any Social Media Channel requested and Configure them to work in sync with other Channels you may already have.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, Like any other Advertising Platform, requires advanced optimization and implementation of technology to ensure campaigns achieve maximum results. If done incorrectly, You can be wasting your time and Money. We'll do the research, implement the proper configurations, and help come up with a Budget to ensure your money is being used efficiently.

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Need some help managing your Social Media Channels? We can put together a Plan specifically designed to help you reach your set goals. We'll help with Market Research, Develop and Execute short term/long term Posting Schedules, Engage with your Audience and much more.

Quick Boost Campaigns

If your Social Media account is Looking a bit lonely, or If you have a new account with little or no followers. We put together a short campaign that will boost activity your page immediately. Quick Boost campaigns typically help to boost followers and/or Engagement.