Who we are

A team that loves to Help

It all started many years ago with a Gateway 2000 PC. I was 10 years old when I first saw what a Computer was and what it could do. I was Hooked! The thought of all the possibilities was more than enough to keep me interested. Tinkering around with our Gateway 2000, I Learned as much as i possibly could, Troubleshooting and upgrading when needed and even when not. Naturally, family and friends began asking for help with their computer issues. I knew then that's what my mission would be, to help people with what I know and love to do.

Now with more than 10 years of professional experience, Over 500 Systems serviced, and a whole list of Tech services to offer. Our Team is ready to provide the best quality services for your Home or Business.



What we do

We Help Our City

There's one word you'll see on our site more than any other word, and that's 'HELP' . Our mission is and will always be to help. Although it started with Computer Repair, We've since acquired many other skills we know can help our neighbors run and expand their local businesses. We love our City and the People in it. Our Team is committed to helping in any way we can.

We have no problem donating our time and services to Local Non-Profit Organizations, and We've dedicated a page on our site to help promote other Local Chicago businesses. Please check out our Featured Locals page and don't forget to support!